Wedding Booklet Printing

Wedding Booklet and Souvenir in One


A wedding booklet helps the guests of the bride and groom feel they are part of the ceremony. The wedding booklet or often referred to as a wedding program and wedding bulletin, should include information about the bride and groom, entourage and respective families. It provides information about the schedule of the programs in the ceremony for the guests to follow. This may be used for guests to understand and be able to participate in the cultural traditions present in the wedding. What's good about these booklets is that guests may take it home as a souvenir of the event. Read on for our general tips to help you with wedding booklet making.

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Wedding Booklets


  • Wedding Details - Included here are the full names of the bride and groom. The wedding date, time and exact location. Usually, this is on the cover of the booklet
  • Parts and Schedule of Ceremony - Information on the parts and time schedules of the ceremony (e.g procession, invocation, declaration of intent).
  • About the Bride and Groom - This is a chance to share few personal information about the newly weds. May be a story of how they met.
  • Entourage and Wedding Party -  List of the wedding ceremony participants (e.g. ring bearer, parents of bride and groom)
  • Thank You Note - A short thank you to the guests for being a part of the event.
  • Special Instructions for the Guests - Additional information about the event. This may include instructions from the bride and groom (e.g. bride should only be the one who wears white)

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