Plastic Clothing Hang Tags

The Use of a Plastic Clothing Tag

Hangs tags are an important element when it comes to selling your product. Customers first look for the tag of a product when they are interested in buying because they want to know its price. The absence of tags makes the buyer doubtful sometimes, whether the product is good enough to be purchased or not.

There are different materials used to make clothing tags. The most common is the card stock. Paper stocks are too soft and delicate to be bored with holes and be attached. Hang tags made of more durable card stocks are useful during sales or whenever the price of the products changes. Companies don’t have to print new tags because they can just print the new prices on a paper with adhesive back and stick it on the tag to conceal the old price.

A more expensive alternative to card stock is the plastic clothing hang tag. These are normally used on stores that sell more expensive products. Tags made of plastic are not advisable for small businesses because the production of these tags is more expensive. currently does not offer plastic clothing hang tag.