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Booklets are multi-paged print products and can hold more information than any other marketing material to promote your business. These are used as product manuals for company use and newsletters to keep your customers updated with the changes in your business.

To ensure high-quality booklets to be used for your marketing campaign, you are encouraged to print your booklets online to save you time and effort of picking them up after production. To avoid spending on defective prints, however, you will have to consider the following.

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Double-check your design

Having a print-ready design guarantees you professional booklets once printed online. Select high-resolution images to create a bold, crisp and vibrant booklet design. Also, check with the printing company’s bleed requirements so no important information or image on your design will be cut out during the trimming process. Once finished, go over your design in case you’ve committed typographical and grammatical errors.

Submit your design and get a proof

Availing of proofing services is strongly recommended even if you’ve already checked your files to be assured of accurate booklet prints. Submit your design to your printing company and they will check your booklets according to their printing process. This includes bleeds, color format and resolution of images. The resolution should be 300 dots per inch (dpi) or above for optimum image quality. In terms of color format, printers are particular with the printing process they use — some may require you to put your images in pantone mode, RGB mode or CMYK.

Print with the right company

Make sure your printing company uses quality materials for printing. Ask what kind of ink they use or what kind of printing process your booklet will go through. The right printing company should offer free proofing services. It should also provide customization options for your designs. Moreover, the company gives you an accurate estimation of how much your printing order costs.


Booklets can only be effective as marketing materials if printed by a trusted online printing company. Make sure to check the guidelines provided and openly talk with the customer service of the company to make sure that you money is well-spent for these booklets.