Newsletter Mailing Service FAQs

Your Common Mailing Services Questions Answered

Newsletter mailing online makes mailing convenient for people. Online newsletter mailing means people don’t need to call or visit the post office anymore. However, there are people who find this new process confusing. People are seeking answers about how this all works.


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Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about newsletter mailing:

Q: Is it possible for online printing services to mail bound newsletters?

A: Most online printing companies only mail saddle-stitched newsletters because that won’t cost much. Newsletters that are wire-o bound or have more than 36 pages are heavier so they are more expensive. Aside from that, it would also be difficult to tab or fit these in an envelope.

Q: Can I mail without using an envelope?

A: You can mail newsletters with or without an envelope. Newsletters mailed without envelopes are tabbed with the details printed at the back. On the other hand, newsletters with envelopes are sent with details printed at the envelope.

Q: How can I design a newsletter suitable for mailing?

A: Make sure that the back of your newsletters where the address will be printed complies with mailing regulations. The necessary information include your company name, return address, postal zone and mailing address. Consult the customer service of the printing company to assist you with this process. It’s essential to choose a printing company that offers expert support and a free file review such as UPrinting, because multi-pagers like newsletters are commonly more difficult to design.

Q: How much does newsletter mailing cost?

A: The standard price for mailing newsletters starts at $27 cents. The rate of newsletters mailed with envelopes usually costs higher. In the end, it all goes down to the printing company you’re working with.

Q: How long will it take for my newsletters to be mailed?

A: It depends to the location where your newsletters will be sent. It takes longer time to mail newsletters shipped outside the state you’re in. If you're looking for a printing service that provides fast mailing service, you might want to consider UPrinting. Below are UPrinting's mailing turnaround times, take note that these are on top of the printing turnaround time:

For tabbed: 1-2 days for tabbing + 2-3 days mailing preparation With envelopes: 2-3 days for insert and sealing + 2-3 days mailing preparation

Knowing a thing or two about newsletter mailing comes in handy once you decide to mail your newsletters online. This way, it would be easier for you to choose which newsletter printing company you should trust.

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