Museum Wrapped Canvas Printing

Decorative Stretched Canvas Prints--Gallery or Museum wrapped!

Gallery-wrapped and museum-wrapped are the two mounting options of stretched canvas. Gallery-wrapped canvas has 1.5” of the image within a frame while on the other side museum-wrapped keeps its image within the frame which comes in black and white and its wood frame is thinner compared to the other. Though different from each other, both are affixed to the walls as decorations. 

When you are planning on choosing museum-wrapped canvas, make sure that the subject of your piece is at the center of the canvas and that the whole aesthetic value of your piece will not be affected when the sides are cropped for framing. 

Here at UPrinting we offer both museum and gallery-wrapped canvas printing that is printed on premium artist canvas material which are protected against cracking, moisture and extreme light exposure. We also offer free professional proofing. For more queries, just call us at 1-888-888-4211 or click on our live chat assistance button on the upper right of this page.