Museum Wrapped Canvas Printing

Decorative Stretched Canvas Prints--Gallery or Museum wrapped!

There are two kinds of mounting stretched canvas: gallery-wrapped and museum-wrapped. A gallery-wrapped canvas has approximately 2” of the image extending over the edges of the canvas frames, while a museum-wrapped canvas keeps its image within the frame. The sides of the frame come in plain black or white and its wood frame is also thinner compared to a gallery-wrapped canvas print. Despite their differences, both canvas prints are ideally affixed to the walls of any home, office and other establishment for decorative purposes.

If you plan to have your photo or artwork printed as a museum-wrapped canvas, then prevent unwanted cuts on your artwork by placing emphasis on your subject. This shot is mostly observed during portraits and family pictures where the subject is commonly at the center of the frame. Also, make sure cropping on the sides of the design would not affect the appearance of your image after mounting. An advantage of this canvas type is that the whole image will be displayed on the frame, unlike the gallery-wrapped type in which the ends of the artwork are folded onto the sides of the frame. offers stretched canvas printing that are gallery- or museum-wrapped. We use a highly durable poly-cotton blend material. Museum-wrapped canvas prints are coated with an eco-friendly satin coating to prevent your images and art pieces from fading. Canvas printing is a modern way of producing images and masterpieces for display. For questions, you can call our customer service representatives now!