Make Your Own Gift Certificate

Comprehensive Tip List to Help You Make Your Own Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are printed giveaways that offer risk-free, substantial discounts to reward loyal customers, attract prospects, or promote your newly introduced products. To effectively use these as part of your marketing strategy and draw more customers to your shop, you need to create an appealing gift certificate design.


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Make Your Own Gift


The process in designing these is easy - you only have to learn useful tips to guide you make one. To give you an idea, below are suggestions to help you create useful and interesting gift certificates:

  • Include your business name and logo. Make sure to put them in a prominent area of the certificate. Remember to include business information such as address and contact numbers.
  • Emphasize the gift card's value. Write them using big bold fonts. To avoid fraud, prefer printing gift cards with specified amounts rather than leaving a blank line to be filled out later.
  • Indicate restrictions. Inform clients about the limitations involved in using your gift certificates. For example, if you want these to be used only for certain items, include a phrase like “valid only for product A”. Inform customers if the certificate is not redeemable or transferrable for cash.
  • Avoid placing expiration dates. According to the California Department of Consumer Affairs, it's a general rule not to include expiration dates in making gift certificates. However, there are exceptions and these could differ from one state to the next. Check your federal state laws to be sure.


Make Your Own Gift


  • Keep it simple. Don’t elaborate too much; the details of the gift certificate are what’s important. Use graphics and text to a minimum. Use readable fonts like sans serif or script.
  • Look for quality image. If you’re going to use an image to enhance its design, use high resolution photos, say at least 300 dpi for better print result.
  • Make it identifiable to your business. Choose a design theme consistent to what you offer. For example, use a ticket-like gift certificate for your bar or a paper money-inspired one for your grocery store.
  • Use blank lines. Put them at the back of your certificate where you could write a short message or the names of recipients. This makes your gift certificates more personalized.


Make Your Own Gift


  • Choose thick stocks. Ensure that your certificates are sturdy enough to last long until their validity dates. For example, you can use 10 pt. card stocks to create sturdy printed materials.
  • Prefer gloss-coated stocks. This makes the details sharp and vibrant. It's also used to produce printed outputs that look reflective and shiny.
  • Put a sequential numbering. Placing a tracking number on each ticket helps you monitor how much money and how many copies you've allotted for your gift certificates.


Make Your Own Gift



  • Prepare matching envelopes.To establish a more formal look, choose plain white envelopes. Know the different types and select one most suitable to your need. You can choose from a pocket, wallet, or banker envelopes.
  • Create gift certificate holders.You can make tri-fold cards, “pop-up” boxes, or even small baskets. Place ribbons and stickers to make your card holders attractive.

With these tips, you can now create better-looking gift certificates matched for your clients' needs. If you wish to find more resources on gift certificate printing, check design blogs and communities online where you can find free templates and design samples.