Hang Tag Manufacturers

Tips on Choosingthe Best Among the Long List of Hang Tag Manufacturers

When you own a business that involves selling products, you need to come up with a marketing campaign that will help you reach your desired customers. This can be done by using print materials suitable for branding such as hang tags.


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Hang tags are custom cards attached to items with decorative strings. These contain the information about the brand, care instructions of the item and contact details. Since shoppers check the tags to know more about the item, the tags can help you gain new customers if they like what they see on the tags.

To make these materials more effective, you need to order from a hang tag printing company that produces high-quality hang tags. Due to the number of hang tag manufacturers, you need to research what these companies offer to come up with the best company for you.

Below are tips that can help you choose the printing store that suits your needs:

  • Choose the printing company that uses good materials. You must go for the online printing company that prints on a thick and durable card stock and gives you the option of the coating type for your hang tags. This would allow your tags to last longer especially when your products are prone to constant handling.
  • Go for fast print turnaround time. The printing time for each company varies; check which of the stores has an early turnaround time. Also ensure that the turnaround time will not affect the quality of the printed tags.
  • Check the different printing style offered. Since hang tags come in different sizes and shapes, you should compare the online printing stores if they offer various options such as rectangular, half circle or oval, to name a few.
Apply these tips when selecting your hang tag printing partner. You can conduct your own research by talking to the customer support of the different companies and reading their online reviews. This should give you a better idea on the company you will need for your hang tag needs.