Fashion Hang Tags

Hang Tags for Fashionable Items

Clothes are products that always need a hang tag to attract clients. Shirts, skirts or even slippers have tags because clothing tags contain vital information about the products being sold.

Not only clothes and garments have fashion hang tags. In the business of fashion, hang tags are always present. A piece of clothing or accessory has hang tags for the benefit of customers, like jewelry, bags, cosmetics, and eyewear. Small-sized fashion tags are good for smaller pieces of fashion items like earrings, bracelets or rings. Large tags are good for pants or jackets, especially those that are made for men.

You can customize your fashion hang tags to match it with the fashionable product you are selling. For example, if you are going eco-friendly with your latest clothing line, you can use recycled card stock to print the hang tags on. In, 30% recycled 13 pt. card stock can be used for hang tags. Another example could be matching the extravagance of a jewelry line with the shiny 14 pt. high gloss-cover with UV coating.