Donation Envelopes

How donation envelopes works wonders

Donation envelopes are proven to be one of the most effective ways to raise funds because they are given to charities and nonprofit organizations, ensuring people that the alms or money you've collected are spent for a good cause.

These envelopes are mostly used by churches, schools, charities, and other organizations to help them raise funds for a certain advocacy or goal. In churches, envelopes are placed on the seats of the church, in which the churchgoer can place their respective donation inside it. Some schools and charities give out donation envelopes by sending these to business establishments or by visiting places where potential donors can be spotted like churches and even parks.

Donation envelope sizes varies depending on how you want it to appear. Commonly, these envelopes are in the size of #10 envelopes (sometimes, window envelopes), side-seam envelopes, and wallet flap envelopes. These are usually given out during the Christmas season and other occasions. Some organizations give out donation envelopes in a more creative way by singing Christmas carols or doing a production number while donation envelopes are distributed to to the audience.

Aside from donation envelopes, you can also print offering envelopes which contain a personal or informational sheet that should be filled out by the donor. These small envelopes are perfect if you are planning to ask for donation on the spot.

Unlike business envelopes, donation envelopes are non-profit and the sum of money collected goes to a certain cause. Have these envelopes printed and raise funds fast. For donation envelope printing services, you can contact UPrinting at 1-888-888-4211. We offer different sizes and paper types and ship in 2-3 business days.