Custom Menu Printing

  • Optional 3 mil Matte or Gloss sealed lamination
  • Flat or folded
  • Order any quantity from 25 to 200
Custom Menu Printing

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A business, particularly restaurants, bistros, cafes, and other food establishments often rely on aesthetics to become more appealing for their existing customers as well as to attract new patrons. Menus are oftentimes part of this factor.

At a glance, a restaurant’s menu should be able to tell the customer the type of food that the restaurant serves, food prices, a short and meaningful description of the food and the quantities that can be ordered. Some restaurant menus go for additional flare and class by crafting customized front covers for their menus. These menus are worth noting because it exudes confidence as well as give the customers the impression that they are getting their money’s worth.

The online printing company UPrinting recognizes this and gives restaurant owners and managers the chance to create custom menu prints for their establishments. With UPrinting, business owners would be able to select the type of material their menus will be printed on, whether 100 lb. text gloss or 10 pt. cover gloss. This online printing company also accepts orders anywhere between 25 to 500 menus at cheap prices as well as select between the two standard sizes of 8.5 x 11” or 11 x 17”. Customers may also opt to have these menus printed with a 3 mil flush lamination on both sides. To top it all off, UPrinting lets customers choose the number of days it would take for their menus to be delivered. Orders can made that would take between 2, 4 or even 6 days that would be convenient for their clients.

Overall, Uprinting delivers the best service for custom printed menus anywhere in the U.S. Aside affordability and speed, the name UPrinting alone stands for reliability and customer satisfaction.