Christmas Envelopes

Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Your Christmas Envelopes

Add extra oomph to your greeting cards and letters by using Christmas envelopes. The Christmas season is the perfect time to add a festive and holiday feel to anything — envelopes are no exception. Through these envelopes, you can make any letter stand out. They can also make a greeting card more memorable by adding to a card's aesthetic appeal. Even letters can be gift wrapped during the holidays with the help of a beautifully designed envelope.

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If you are planning to design your own envelopes for either business or personal use, here are some of key ideas that you should keep in mind:
  • Design. Always make time to plan the design of your envelope. Rushing your design usually results to poor quality. You can start by drawing a draft in a sheet of paper. If you’re having a hard time thinking what design you would want for your Christmas envelope, you can browse the internet for inspirations.
  • Target market. In business, when designing your Christmas envelopes, think about your target market and what suits their tastes and interests. It's not enough to include Christmas-related images. You should also create a design that appeals to that specific group you're trying to go after.
  • Gender balance. If your Christmas envelopes are targeted for certain genders, make sure that the design, paper and colors used are appropriate. For women, you can use softer and lighter color shades. If you're targeting men, you can use bolder and stronger color shades and images. For Christmas envelopes that are intended for a general audience, you can use Christmas colors like green and red, and images such as Christmas trees and reindeers to be safe.
  • Bleed. To avoid texts and images from being cut off during printing, always put a 0.25-inch bleed in your design. A bleed guarantees that all images would be in place during printing.
  • Space. Always allot space for text. Your Christmas envelopes should contain spaces wherein the buyer can write the name and address of the recipient. If you choose to print the name and address of the recipient, make sure that the font style and size you will use are readable.
With all of these in mind, you are sure to produce custom envelopes that would catch the attention of your target market. Here at UPrinting, we provide printing services that will give you effective Christmas envelopes. We also proof your designs for free. For more information, you can call us at 1-888-888-4211.