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Booklets cost more than other marketing materials; each brochure takes more resources and pages to produce and pages to print. As a business owner wanting to promote your product and services, you want to get the most out of the booklets to be printed for you. However, to get cheap booklets, you may have to compromise the materials and the design quality used for printing. This puts you in a dilemma: do you go for cheap booklet printing or high-value booklets?

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Cheap doesn’t always mean less value. Price and value are not directly connected and are very different from each other. To answer the question, you can actually go for high-quality booklets at affordable prices. Here are three ways to do just that.

Go for bulk printing

Ordering booklets in thousands is more affordable compared to printing in hundreds. You should beware, however, of printing companies that charges by piece, which this means paying the same amount of money for every piece of booklet regardless of quantity. You should also be careful of companies that offer discounts for wholesale brochure orders but printed in poor quality.

Look for a printing company offering useful services

Some companies offers design services so you won’t have to pay for design and printing services separately. Not only does this cut your costs, but also time and effort. Also, look for a cheap booklet printing company that can do the mailing for you. This saves you the hassle of carrying your booklets to the post office and mailing them to your customers.

Print your booklets quarterly, not monthly

If there have been no updates or changes with your service or product after a month, don’t print on a monthly basis. Accumulate all significant changes in your business line before printing your booklets. Aside from cutting cost, you give them something to look forward to instead of sending them something that doesn't add anything new about the product.




Printing high-quality booklets at low costs is not difficult to do. Just make sure that you have the right strategy in executing your campaign to make good use of your budget. Remember to print strategically by the bulk and with the right printing company.