Change of Address Postcards

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Change of Address Postcards

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A change of address postcard's main purpose is to keep you in touch with the people that you are leaving behind. These could be your neighbors, relatives, colleagues or even business partners. But other than keeping the communication lines alive, this type of postcard can be vital for a business that plans to relocate to a new office.

Change of address postcards can be a great help, especially if you're a business owner who needs to relocate. As it allows you to provide an up-to-date account of your address and contact information as you transfer your business.


To help you keep the ties that you've earned through the years of living or doing business in your neighborhood, we'll provide you with some tips in designing your own change of address postcard.


Choose an image you will use
It's best to choose an image that can best represent the city or state that you'll be transferring to. This can help emphasize to people where you'll be moving. You can also use a collage of images that can be found in that city or state.


Add important details about your move
Include the address and contact numbers that you'll be using once you get to your new home or office. In a business, these contact details can help you build up a marketing strategy as you start anew. It will also be easier for people to contact you in case they need some professional advice from you. But try to limit the details you put on there. Think of including where, when and why you're going to move. Out of all the postcards for different occasions to use, a change of address postcard would be the best to use due to its direct approach.


Include your personalized message
You can always include a personalized message in your postcard. It could be a message of best wishes or, for companies, a thank you note for the customers that you have served. This will show that you appreciate and enjoy providing quality service to them,


Use a graphics editing program
Always use a graphics editing program in creating and designing your postcards. It can help you create and design your postcards efficiently and effectively. Using a program like this can help you create your postcard fast and with fewer materials.



Once you've come up with a postcards design, give UPrinting a call and we'll handle your printing needs. We provide high-quality services at affordable prices. You may call us at 1-888-888-4211 for more information.