Tri Fold Paper Brochure

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  • Gloss, matte or uncoated paper options
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The trifold brochure is a marketing tool with two fold lines and three panels. It's made by folding a paper or card stock twice with both extreme sides going inwards, with the leftmost panel usually on top of the right.

Small businesses and starting companies commonly use brochure paper fold this as a promotional material. It's ideal for introducing your product and services to your market. If you decide to make one, you should add important details about the products or services you offer. Include suggestions, trivia, owner background and history, tips or anything that you think a customer might find interesting and helpful.

Trifold brochures may use different kinds of paper or card stock – examples of which are textured, recycled, and UV-coated stock. Perhaps the most common are the glossy and matte finish that comes in 100 lb. paper stock or 10 pt. card stock. Each finish has advantages over the other.

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Trifold Brochure Paper

Paper Stock
  • Easy to fold, and therefore, easier to carry in your wallet or pocket.
  • Easy to store in bulks since thinner than cardstocks.
  • Ideal to pair with envelopes if you plan on mailing your brochures.
  • More affordable to print.

Card Stock

  • Sturdier compared to brochure paper stock, making them ideal for mailing without envelopes. Card stock brochures need only to be tabbed and they’re ready to go.
  • They can stand on tables and counters. You can display them on tables of hotel lobbies or restaurants.
  • They don’t get crumpled easily and won’t develop crease lines unless done on purpose.

Gloss Finish

  • Colors appear more vibrant in gloss finish compared to matte.
  • They have a shinier finish.

Matte Finish

  • Less finger prints and smudges as compared to those with glossy finish.
  • Have reduced glare effect.
  • Look more sophisticated or formal when placed beside gloss brochure paper. 

Choose the best brochure paper stock and finish depending on how you are going to use your brochure. If you want brochures with rich, vibrant colors, choose gloss finish. For brochures that easier to handle, better choose matte. 

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