Laminated Menus

  • Optional 3 mil Matte or Gloss sealed lamination
  • Flat or folded
  • Order any quantity from 25 to 200
Laminated Menu Printing

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It is advisable for restaurant owners to avail laminated menu printing services to enhance and maintain the quality of their menu prints. A menu print does not just present a list of food items and prices, but also represent the overall image of a certain restaurant. A menu print with compelling designs will attract more consumers to order foods from a specific food outlet.

Laminated menu printing can be done to protect menu prints from damage. Restaurant owners can laminate their menu covers to protect the prints from dirt, dust, moist and ultraviolet rays. Lamination will make the menu prints durable. With this, restaurant owners can be able to use laminated menu prints for a long period of time.

Lamination also makes menu prints elegant and presentable. The quality of colors and images printed on the menu prints can be enhanced and maintained through laminated menu printing. With presentable menu prints, more and more people will be attracted and encouraged to order for foods at a specific restaurant.

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